Carbon 12 Logo Design

Project: Logo Design

Client: Personal Project

Year: 2017

Creating the brand

Carbon XII or Carbon 12 is named after the most common of the three natural isotopes of carbon, it is also the most stable. Carbon XII is an urban clothing and accessories company, that produces and sells its own products online and through retail locations. Carbon XII’s goal is to provide everyday clothing and accessories that are designed to be simple, and built to last. The exact name would appear in the logo is Carbon XII, although for some uses the name could be shortened to C12. The company tagline is “Made for everyday.” I don’t think it should be in the logo. Even though it is short enough that it could work, keeping things simple would be better.

Made for everyday.

I don’t want the logo to necessarily have anything to do with what the company produces, its history, or be based off of the company name. I want it to be able to work on its own as well as with a company name next to it. I want to be recognizable and unique, something people will associate the brand with. I want it to represent the brands values and their goals for their products. I also want it to follow the brand’s personality, so that someone observing would be able to have a general feeling of what that is.

Urban. Rugged. Refined.

The target market is men and women age 20-40 who live in cities and suburban areas and are in mid to high paying jobs. The most ideal customer would be a 28 year old man living in the city with a technology related job.

Mostly the logo would be used in print for products, posters, packaging, and tags and everything else used in store. It will also of course be used on the website and in advertisements online. The logo would be on every clothing product, so it needs to be pretty flexible.

The best colors would be white, black, and a dark grey. Which would be because two of the pure forms of carbon are graphite and diamond, not exactly colorful, this would also keep it flexible for bright colored products. You could also put color in it if the logo is solid enough for certain uses. Carbon also makes up most living things on earth though so a light green with a grey or black could work, as well several colors for more of a rain bow might work.





Final Logo