Star Wars Poster

Date: Poster Design

Catagory: Illustration

I was going through poster designs awhile back, and one that stood out to me was the “Hope” which was used in Barak Obama’s 2008 campaign and designed by Shepard Fairey. I was reminded of a quote from a well known movie you might have heard of called Star Wars.

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." - Princess Leia

They just fit too well together so I just had to create a poster that combined the two. I decided to keep the iconic style of the “Hope” poster and replaced Obama’s  campaign logo with the logo of the Rebel Alliance. I found a good frame from the film and went about creating a portrait of Old Ben (Obi-Wan Kenobi).

The Process

01. I started with the text and logo since it was the simplest and frames the imagel. I then moved on to doing Old Ben’s hair and his face, starting with the darkest spots.

03. At this point I added in the lined shading and attempted to add his neck and collar. The neck and the shirt ended up not distinct enough. His shirt also didn’t feel like fabric, it had no flow to it.

02. After that I added more layers to his face and added his ear and collar. There is finally depth. Notice the lack of a neck and shirt, this will become an issue later.

04. After several tries I was able to get his shirt to work, I was still not happy with his neck. I took a break, and came back to it. I then managed to make something that worked and I ended up using it for the final prints.