Telescope Model

Date: 3/15/18

Category: Modeling

I decided I wanted to model a telescope for rendering, and I didn’t want something with a simple tube body. I was looking for something with exposed structure, which I definitely found. I decided to model the Hooker Telescope, a telescope with a 100 inch diameter mirror built in 1917. It is housed at the Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles County, California. Several discoveries were made on this telescope, including a couple by Edwin Hubble. The telescope was the largest telescope in the world for several decades. If you are wondering why it is called the Hooker Telescope that is because John D. Hooker helped fund it.

I modeled the whole thing in Solidworks and rendered it in Keyshot. Not everything is individual parts although there are still a ton of parts in the assembly. I ended up doing the whole bottom section as a single part, which may not have been the best idea. I ended up with a massive file. When I went to change a part of it I broke it and had to redo parts. I did the exploding in Solidworks as well, I didn’t get all the colors right on the exploded render because I had to reapply everything. The model ended up a little tall, but other than that it seems somewhat accurate.




Greyscale Render